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Biblical Authority

We believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible, inerrant Word of God.  God invented languages, so He is well able to say anything He wants to say, to anyone He wants to speak to, and have Himself be understood, without having to have an interpreter (other than the Holy Spirit).  We can trust God's Word.


Historical Accuracy

We believe that the Bible is "The History Book of the Universe," and provides a reliable, eye-witness account of the Source and beginning of all things, and can be trusted to tell the truth in all areas it touches on.  Denying history is denying reality.  Those who deny history are doomed to repeat it.  God wants us to learn from it.


Scientific Integrity

The world of science and technology is constantly changing, while God's Word is eternal.  Although scientific facts are real, interpretations of those facts may not be, and must be validated by God's Word.  Nothing in true science contradicts what the Bible has declared to be true, but is constantly discovering things that the Bible knew all along.

Our Focus


Our Main Speaker

Our main speaker is Lester C. Verigan, Jr.  He is a retired Air Force Staff Officer, and former high school teacher.  He and his wife live in LA (aka Lower Alabama).

We conduct seminars on the topics of: the authority of Scripture, Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs​ and the basic teachings of Christianity.

We aim to equip Christians to defend their faith, in the face of increasing attacks against Christianity and the Bible.

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